Willowcroft Fishery

Willowcroft Fishery is based at Pentney Lakes,common road,pentney,kings lynn pe321le and offers some of the best fishing in the area.
We are open 12 months of the year. We accept all new arrivals and anglers up until dusk on any given day.
(For bookings contact the bailiff on 07543 688301).

We offer you eight lakes to choose from that are all well stocked with carp, bream, roach, rud, perch.

 The lakes are permanently managed and are kept well stocked at all times.

For the angling enthusiast this haven will be your dream come true, the fishing lakes are in a separate area to the rest of the Leisure Park so that you can concentrate on your fishing.  The bailiff helps to look after the lake.
An under 16''s lake is available so that younger members of the family can also take part in one of the UK''s most popular sports.

We only cater for caravan and camping at our Cambridgeshire fishery

The Cabin Lake
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The Cabin Lake is six acres in size and has an average depth of eight feet down to 20. It’s stocked with carp to low 30s,lots of bream and tench,catfish over 40lb and pike to 20lb . For the perch fanatics out there this water could possibly hold a new record perch. The main feature in the lake is a sunken barge . Boilies are the main bait for carp and larger bream.

The 'Under 16 Lake''
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Is half an acre in size and is the shape of doughnut. Mostly stocked with roach,rudd and bream. Pole fishing or waggler fishing with maggot produce.

The Millennium 2000 Lake
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The Millenium lake is around four and a half acres and has two islands. Depths drop down to 12 feet with the average being four. Perch, pike, roach, bream and carp to 18 lb are the main species. This water responds well to mixed approach with pole and maggot doing well.This lake is now under refurbishment and should be up and running next year

The Ski Lake
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Has restricted fishing due to the size of the water. Depths average 18 feet and there are many features like islands and gravel bars. This is a hard water and is stocked with wild carp to 40 lb. Night fishing is best for carp, tench and bream. 

The 'Catfish Lake'
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Is three acres and has one island. The depths drop to eight feet and the water is stocked with common,mirror and rare Albino grass carp which are growing fast. This is the only water in the country with these rare breed of carp. There are plenty of jack pike stocked along with the carp.

Ghost Lake
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1.5 acres is stacked full of Ghost,mirror and common Carp to high 30s.Also has roach.perch bream and pike

Bird Lake
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Is 40 acres in size and has depths down to 20 ft. It features one island in middle. The water is reputed to be 30 years old and the stock is not really known but we do know that the carp go over 40lb. However, a big head of bream with individuals to 7 lb are known to exist. Pike sport with fish to 22 lb is also good. This lake is a weedy challenging water


Specimen Lake
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Is 4.5 acres with depths down to 18 feet but an average of 12 ft.. It features plenty of gravel bars, mussel beds and and is stocked with carp from 16 lb to high 30s. Double figurebream, tench to 8 lb, roach rudd and pike to around 20 lb are also present. The main baits on this water are boilies. Pellets on the Method feeder also work very well for the bream and tench.


 The resident bailiff is an ideal source of information with years of fishing experience, he is the man to ask, how and where to catch on this complex.

There are also toilet facilities on site.


As with the rest of the fishery one strict rule barbless hooks only. (REGULAR CHECKS BY BAILIFF)

For more information on current bans please check with baliff.

A strict 5 mph speed limit is enforced throughout site and the recommended braking strain is 15lb

No live or dead baits to be bought on the fishery

Please read the rules before arriving to make sure you arrive with the correct tackle and bait

The log cabins are seperate from the fishery and are not connected to Willowcroft

For any further information please call 07963318092