Willowcroft Fish Farm & Fishermen's Village Leisure Park


Memberships are available for fishing six islands, they run fom 13th may till 12th may the following year.They are £60

Any person wanting a membership for 6 islands first have to fish cafe lake or hoseshoe lake for 24hrs,have their tackle checked and be questioned on the rules and if everything is correct then you can join

Six islands is £30 for 2 rods and £35 for 3 rods per 24 hours.

Day tickets

Seadyke lake is £8 per rod.

Grandads lake is £8 per rod.

Cafe lake is £12 for 1 rod,£20 for 2 rods,£25 for 3 rods day fishing and £25 for 2 rods and £30 for 3 rods per 24hrs (minnium of 2 rods for 24 hours)

Horseshoe lake £10 for 1 rod,£15 for 2rods and £20 for 3 rods (day fishing) £20 for 2rods and £25 for 3 rods per24 hrs

The fishing is excellent so come and give us a try!

PLEASE NOTE ALL FISHERMEN ON CAFE OR HORSESHOE LAKE MUST HAVE THEIR OWN 42"NET AND MAT/CRADLE AT LEAST 110X75 UNHOOKING MAT PADDED SO IT IS OF THE GROUND NOT FLAT ,CARP SIZE 10-4 HOOKS ONLY(NOT CATFISH HOOKS),NO SHARING TACKLE AND NO LANDING EACH OTHERS FISH.Please read the rules under the rule section before arriving,if you turn up without the correct tackle and bait you will not be able to fish.


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